PreLoaded Data

Instant access to your assessment, ownership and foreclosure data will save you hours of time and thousands of keystrokes

Most Software Is An “Empty Box”…GovPilot Isn’t

Data, such as property and assessment information, is a critical component for driving insight and productivity, yet most software is delivered as an “empty box”. Government’s are largely comprised of spatial-related information. The absence or unreliability of this information challenges day-to-day tasks and efficiency. Importing your assessment records into your software is time-consuming and expensive. Updating them on a regular basis is a laborious task that is prone to human error.

Luckily, GovPilot is preloaded with assessment information for nearly every parcel in your goverment. The assessment data sets are updated on a regular basis, ensuring accuracy that is aligned with publicly available data. Users have immediate access to parcel-specific information including property address, block and lot, owner’s name, mailing address, tax assessment values and more.

Benefits Of Preloaded Data

Remove instances of duplicating records because addresses are standardized

Run automated market valuations to quickly find the estimated value of any property type using recently sold like-kind comparables

Build conditional search queries using GovPilot’s updated and accurate assessment data

Pre-fill forms with addresses and ownership information, saving you significant time and keystrokes

Instantly print documents using Mail Merge with prepopulated ownership information

Get full access to foreclosure data – including the lender’s name and address and their attorney’s contact information