Mobile Solutions For Government

Provide your constituents with on-demand access to your government services and significantly improve employee field productivity

Mobile-Powered Government

Over the last ten years, smartphone usage has grown exponentially. Powered by the cloud, mobile web apps give the general public the ability to access government services on-demand, virtually from anywhere. Mobile capabilities for government workers is far-reaching while its application is yet to be fully realized. With widespread adoption comes the expectation, both from the general public and your employees, that mobility will play a role in improving the delivery of services and productivity outside of the office.

Mobility For Constituents

GovPilot gives the public the ability to submit applications for permits and licenses from their mobile phones and tablets. Our responsive digital forms are user-friendly and optimized for mobile. Residents can upload files from their mobile device, pay for applications, licenses and permits and even confirm the validity of an e-signature with SMS.

Public Geographic Information System

Mobile access to government services will reduce unnecessary walk-ins and simplify the application submission process for residents. The information collected in the forms will be centralized in GovPilot, greatly reducing paper and redundant data entry.

Residents can also access GovPilot’s GIS map and data portal from your government’s website. The public-facing map provides residents access to robust property ownership and assessment information as well as GovPilot provided and custom shapefiles. Shapefiles can include information such as real time traffic, zoning maps, garbage pickup schedules, emergency service locations and more. Providing the public open and immediate access to this information will reduce inbound open data requests and phone calls.

Mobility For Employees

With GovPilot, employees can greatly enhance their capabilities in the field. Our mobile web applications enable employees, such as Code Enforcement Officers, to access property information and historical records on the go via a mobile or tablet device. Complete inspections with ease, attach photos to specific properties and records, digitally record observations on the spot and even print violations citing your own local ordinance with a cloud-printer. Our mobile applications instantly sync with the platform, greatly improving processing time and team collaboration.