Reporting And Analytics

Drive insight and critical decisions with real time data reported by your employees and constituents

Leverage Your Governments Data

With GovPilot, your government can leverage information that is collected from its residents through digital forms, its employees and property data provided by GovPilot to gain real time insignt. GovPilot centralizes this data, enabling to users to create reports that support dynamic functions, such as summing, multiplying and dividing numbers and dollar amounts.

Track Performance At Every Level

Reports have numerous applications. For example, Department Heads can configure reports to track department level metrics or employee performance. Employees can track use-case specific key performance indicators for their personal productivity. The Mayor can quickly view average response time for public-related issues or complaint type by ward or district. The functionality of reporting is far-reaching. You can now put your data to work, saving you hours of compiling and report building.

Personalize Your Data Anyway You Want

Data Viewer is a versatile tabular interface that combines a work queue with a data manager. Your GovPilot data comes from numerous sources; pre-loaded, uploaded historical records, employees and the general public. The Data Viewer aggregates this information, enabling users to create and save personalized tables and views that can be task, use-case and department specific.

Gain Granular Accountability And Transparency

Data Viewer can be set up to visualize the milestones for a particular task or process. Employees can chronologically view the entire life of public complaints, licenses or permit applications in one interface. Department Heads can easily access department-level or employee-specific performance. Users can access case-specific forms from the Data Viewer interface, making it easy to process and handle workload. In addition, property history and  associated cases, permits, licenses and applications is instantly accessible through Data View.