E-Commerce And E-Government Solutions

Give your constituents on-demand access to a full range of your government services. Support full E-commerce capabilities on your website.

Online Access To Your Government

GovPilot can perform many E-Government functions that will enhance the delivery of information and governments services to its residents and businesses while improving transparency and accountability. These capabilities will help your government join the forward-thinking institutions that are leveraging technology to maximize public resources and improve the life of their constituents.

Digitize Your Forms For E-Commerce And E-Government

With GovPilot, the general public can submit and pay for applications and requests and report issues right from your government’s website. Your paper (PDF included) can be digitized and published, providing on-demand 24/7 access from any computer and mobile device. Choose from an extensive template library or build your own forms and applications.

Whether it be a Pet License Application, Public Issue Report, Business Registration (for example), GovPilot can process most application types, regardless of complexity. The information collected from the applicant is assigned to property or location and stored in a centralized database, accessible to government employees across departments. Workflows assist with the communication and handling of applications. Automated communication will keep applicants apprised of milestones, such as acknowledgement and completion.

Easily Accept Online Payments

Residents and business owners no longer need to mail or pick up and drop off payment for an application or license. GovPilot handles this process end-to-end, saving both government employees and residents significant time. GovPilot can integrate with most payment processors and support dynamic fee calculations. This gives you accuracy and accountability when collecting and processing payments.