Make Your Residents Happy

Improve constituent engagement by making your government services and data open and available to the public.

Constituent Engagement Transparency Through GIS

GovPilot’s GIS can be publicly deployed, serving as a beacon of information for your government’s constituents and the general public. The public facing GIS is pre-loaded with assessment information and layers such as FEMA flood maps, emergency service locations and Google real time traffic.

Governments can easily publish custom shapefiles, such as zoning maps, voting districts and garbage pick up schedules, delivering volumes of information to the public in one centralized location. The public can access the GIS map from your website or mobile or desktop browser.

This on-demand access to information will reduce incoming call volume and unscheduled walk-ins while helping your government meet its transparency objectives.

Accountability Powered By Workflows

GovPilot’s complaint reporting and service request module enables the general public to submit quality of life issues directly from a government’s website via a desktop or web-enabled mobile device. Workflows will route the complaint to the right department, division or employee, ensuring that it is received and can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Complainants can be automatically notified when the complaint is received, escalated or resolved, providing accountability through communication. The public request module will promote active civic involvement while helping to to identify issues that can impact public safety.